Wagler Competition Products (“WCP”) warrants that the non-racing parts it sells to an initial buyer are free from defects in materials and craftsmanship prior to their installation. No other guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, have been represented to buyer by seller; including, but not limited to, warranties express or implied including, without limitation, warranty of fitness or merchantability of any of our products for particular use or purpose due to the performance applications to which these products may be subjected. Buyer waives all warranties of fitness, merchantability, or use for a particular purpose.


WCP demands that any goods received by buyer shall be inspected prior to their use or installation.

All racing parts are sold to buyer as-is and without any warranty, expressed or implied.


Any claim for damages arising from the sale of non-racing parts shall be limited to the repair or replacement of such parts by WCP. A buyer must follow WCP company policies in order to receive the benefit of the limited warranty specified herein. WCP disclaims any and all liability for consequential or incidental damages. WCP will not pay for the return of any product to WCP, but upon receipt of a product, will inspect the product and, if it determined faulty, will replace the product in accordance with company policies. WCP is not responsible for any proper or improper labor or installation of WCP products. Improper installation or labor waives and bars any warranty expressed or implied. Any and all damages arising from the personal or commercial use of these products are expressly excluded and waived by the buyer. Buyer accepts all parts in “as-is” condition. WCP reserves the right to make product improvements or changes to previously manufactured products without notice and without incurring liability. Under this limited warranty, WCP is not responsible for and will not pay for any costs other than WCP product replacement including but not limited to shipping and handling, towing or labor bills, assistance with non-faulty products, or other issues determined by WCP to be outside of WCP responsibility.


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