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Duramax Entry Level Rotating Assembly

Odon, IN – September 18th, 2017 – WAGLER COMPETITION PRODUCTS, the experts in Duramax performance, have put together an entry level forged rotating assembly for the Duramax engine that will support up to 800 horsepower at the crank.


The WCP Duramax Entry Level Rotating Assembly is the ideal package for either a stock workhorse or a hot street truck. OE GM crankshafts have been known to break even in bone stock trucks, so WCP’s Duramax Entry Level Rotating Assembly can benefit those who are looking for increased durability, more power, or both. Even if the power goals are less than 800 HP, WCP’s assembly offers piece of mind for those who abuse their engines.


Coming in at $5,175.47, the WCP Duramax Entry Level Rotating Assembly includes the following parts:


  • Callies forged Compstar 6.6 Duramax crankshaft (not balanced)
  • WCP As-Forged Duramax Street Rod (set of 8)
  • Mahle Clevite pistons (set of 8)
  • Duramax ring set (.020 over bore)
  • WCP piston valve relief and bowl de-lipped
  • Duramax main bearing set
  • Duramax rod bearing set
  • Duramax thrust bearing kit


The WCP Duramax Entry Level Rotating Assembly gives the added strength of forged internals while still leaving more of the budget for a big turbo, lots of fuel, and other fun upgrades. For more information, or to purchase, contact Wagler Competition Products at (812) 636-0391.



Odon, IN – July 25, 2017 – WAGLER COMPETITION PRODUCTS has developed a new forged Duramax connecting rod that will make obtaining four-digit horsepower goals more affordable. Wagler uses an as-forged manufacturing process that forges the rod to shape and requires much less machining to finish. The result is a forged rod that will handle up to 1,000 HP for a fraction of the cost of the Competition Series rods.


Coming in at just $1,700 per set, the WCP Duramax As-forged Street connecting rods have great value by featuring the benefits below:


  • Made from 4340ACQ certified material
  • All drafting, design, programming, machining, assembly, and QC performed in-house by qualified and experienced personnel
  • Utilizes factory replacement bearings
  • Honed to factory specifications and produced to fit factory pistons with no clearancing required
  • Come standard with ARP2000 7/16″ fasteners.
  • Machined in vital areas and shot peened to reduce stress risers
  • Rated to handle up to 1,000 HP
  • All sets balanced to a +/- 6 gram standard
  • 100% made in the USA


By offering this street and wallet friendly alternative to the bulletproof Competition Series connecting rods, Wagler Competition Products can offer something for all Duramax performance levels. Coming in at roughly $1,000 less than the closest competitor, Wagler’s As-forged Street connecting rods are a great choice for those who want to push their Duramax to the next level without pushing the budget, too.

Press Release: WCP’s Twin-Charged, Nitrous-Assisted DX500 Billet Duramax Unvielded at SEMA

Las Vegas, NV – November 1, 2016 – WAGLER COMPETITION PRODUCTS (WCP) continues to push the limit of diesel motorsports with their DX500 billet Duramax engine. Unveiled at the 2016 SEMA Show, the DX500 is built to handle extreme power levels and every piece is held together by the best fasteners on earth. It’s only natural that the DX500 is on display in the Automotive Racing Products (ARP) booth, #22525 in the central hall.

WCP’s DX500 is the first-ever all billet Duramax engine. It was designed and machined in house by Wagler Competition Products specifically to meet the extreme power demands of top level diesel competition. The WCP DX500 will be offered to the public with many different options to choose from, but WCP held nothing back for the very first version by using every power-adder at their disposal. At first glance this may seem like overkill, but this particular DX500 will be the same engine Wagler installs in their 2017 Ultimate Callout Challenge (UCC) entry called “The Shop Truck”. The Ultimate Callout Challenge is an invitational contest of diesel glory where the only rules are the laws of physics – there’s no better venue to push the DX500 prototype to the limit.

The 500 cubic inch DX500 utilizes the best components and technology available in the racing industry. The billet Duramax block, billet heads with ductile iron insert, and billet intake assembly were manufactured by Wagler Competition Products. The rotating assembly consists of: a Winberg crankshaft, WCP rods, Ross pistons, Trend wrist pins, and a Total Seal ring set. The DX500 uses an innovative Comp Cams camshaft with a roller cam bearing and Trend pushrods. Everything is held together by ARP fasteners. Fuel for the DX500 is provided by a custom system from S&S Diesel Motorsport, the leader in electronic diesel injection, and includes triple high pressure CP3 fuel pumps, precision calibrated injectors, media honed fuel rails, and a Bosch Motorsport ECU with S&S calibration. The UCC edition DX500 also has a methanol injection system by Engler and a Waterman pump to feed it. All of that fuel needs plenty of air and Wagler has chosen to use a combination of the best power adders in existence: a PSI screw blower and twin Precision Turbo & Engine Pro Mod 102 turbochargers. The screw blower will get things going and the turbos will feed generous amounts of air through the Vibrant piping into the custom intake, post-supercharger. Power management will be of utmost importance and Wagler is utilizing twin PTE 66mm wastegates to keep the air under control. As if that is not enough, the UCC-version of the WCP DX500 will also be nitrous assisted. All of the power adders and different injectables must work as a system, and that will be handled by the Bosch Motorsport ECU and the wizards at S&S Diesel Motorsport.

General production DX500s are not available yet, but Wagler Competition Products will put the UCC DX500 through the wringer to make sure all the proper testing has been done before they become available for purchase.

About Wagler Competition Products:
Based out of Odon, IN, Wagler Competition Products was founded in 2011 and has been setting the standard and pushing the limits in diesel performance ever since! Parts offerings include Duramax cylinder heads, intakes, intercooler piping, hardcore engine parts and components including pushrods and rotating assemblies, and so much more. For more information, visit online at and “like” Wagler Competition Products on Facebook at

Press Release: New Neutral Balanced Chevy Duramax Short Block

Odon, IN – WAGLER COMPETITION PRODUCTS has taken their industry first Chevy Duramax rotating assemblies to the next level by offering all-new, complete short block packages.

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Billet Excellence: New Wagler Duramax Cylinder Heads

Republished from – All engines, diesels included, are essentially giant air pumps when you think of them in their most basic form. The pistons move up and down in a cylinder, drawing in and pushing out air and combusted fuel to make power. The gatekeeper becomes the cylinder head and intake and exhaust valves.

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Press Release: Wagler Competition Launches Wagler X-Series & S-Series Duramax Heads

ODON, Indiana – The new Wagler S-series (Street) & X-series (Extreme) cylinder heads for GM Duramax diesels are now available directly from Wagler Competition Products. The new custom-built high performance heads are the first of its kind in the diesel aftermarket world, according to Jeremy Wagler, president and CEO of Wagler Competition. The heads are a direct factory bolt-on item, with no modifications required for installation.

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